The employers' organisation with focus on industry

Industriarbetsgivarna, The Swedish Association of Industrial Employers, is an employers' association for the Swedish basic industry companies, mainly pulp, paper, sawmill, construction products, steel, metal, mining, welding and mechanical industry. We specialise in employers' issues and support our member companies in questions that concern the relationship between employer and employees. Industriarbetsgivarna's associations have almost 1,000 member companies with around 90,000 employees.

Our service

Industriarbetsgivarna works with questions concerning service for their member companies, such as legal advice, negotiations with trade unions, expert support, help desk and courses and training tailored to industrial companies. We negotiate on pay and general conditions for collective agreements for our member companies.

We also offer ongoing advices on laws and agreements as well as investigativtions and development work. Further, we help member companies with negotiations, and with legal assistance in court proceedings, as well as organising courses and conferences. Our work is designed to make life easier for the companies, so that they can concentrate on their core business.

In those areas where the associations collaborate and act jointly, this is done under the name Industriarbetsgivarna. Collective agreement negotiations, which are at the heart of the employers organisations' activities, are handled by the individual employers’ associations.

The companies that form Industriarbetsgivarna have a number of things in common:

  • The companies are highly dependent on exports to the world market. Therefore, long-term international competitiveness is an extremely crucial issue.
  • The companies are capital-intensive, with facilities which demand major investments with long planning horizons, and so they need long contract periods.
  • The companies have a major need for skilled employees. The whole world makes stringent demands of the companies’ adaptability and so has strict requirements in terms of flexibility and expertise.
  • The companies base their operations on raw materials. Easy access and the price of raw materials are fundamental to their business.

For more information, please contact:

Per Hidesten
CEO, Industriarbetsgivarna
Phone: +46 8-762 67 55